Online Passport Size Photo Printing

Krishna Studio is the best online passport photo printing service provider around India. We are top studio successfully serving our customers for past 21 years. We have provided excellent passport size photography and printing services to more than 15,000 customers. Among them, 70% of them are being our regular customers. We keep their data safely using advanced systematic approach.

Passport size photos are necessary for govt, private, educational, banking, loan, subsidings,and legal procedures etc. Hence, everyone knows the importance of Printing passport size photo printing.

How Krishna Studio Differs from Other Studios?

  • In other studios, they are charging Rs.50 for 4 copies or sometimes 8 copies for 50 Rs usually. But, whereas in, Krishna Studio, you can get a minimum 8 copies for 50Rs and 16 copies for 100Rs itself.
  • We will apply all kinds of image enhancement works such as color correction, brightness,and contrast, level adjustment, retouch work to print your photos.
  • We use mini size inject printer and 6X4” size paper to print your photos and cut them properly and pack them with properly dated
  • You can print your passport photos by sending your images to us. It saves your time. We charge Rs.50 for all the above-mentioned work.

How to Get Our Online Photo Printing Service?

  • If you are a new customer, you can send “Hi Krishna” message to our WhatsApp number (+91 88839 46999). We will get back to you shortly.
  • Once we received your photo, we will start working on it.
  • If your softcopy is taken by the professional photographer in a studio, then it will be quite helpful. It's our major concern.
  • We also accept photos taken from your smartphones.The result is assumed according to the quality of the photo you send.

Benefits of Our Online Passport Photo Printing Service

  • Send your selected photos to our WhatsApp number (or) through email
  • We will enhance your quality of the photo by working with Photoshop image enhancement techniques
  • We will apply a suitable background color according to your requirements
  • Background change without missing even hair details
  • Cropping and resizing. As you have requested, Indian passport size photo printing or Indian stamp size photo printing to check the proof.
  • We will send the sample copy of your edited photos, once it is approved from you, then we will print it according to your requirements.
  • Our studio is located in Madurai district. We will deliver your printing orders within 72 hours. If your location is outside of Tamilnadu. The delivery timing will be considered, based on your location.

Online Passport Photo Printing Packages

Passport Size Photo Printing Package 1
  • Passport Size 32 Copies
  • Stamp Size 20 Copies
  • 500/-
  • 250/- 50% offer
Passport Size Photo Printing Package 2
  • Passport Size 50 Copies
  • Stamp Size 30 Copies
  • 700/-
  • 350/- 50% offer
Passport Size Photo Printing Package 3
( Family Pack)
  • Passport Size 80 Copies
  • Stamp Size 40 Copies
  • 900/-
  • 450/- 50% offer

( Note: The speciality of pack 3 is three-members can share the photos. You can select packages together as you like)

Our Various Photo Printing Rates

  • The offer packages valid upto limited period only. We have the rights to decide the amount of offer package.
  • The offers only applicable for Indian passport size photo printing and stamp size photo printing and it is not for other countries
  • We will print photos only after the approval of our customers. We can't take back or no return is possible in such cases.
  • We will take the whole responsibility If the photos are sent wrongly or any other error from our side
  • It is our right to reject the photos are which are strictly against our terms and conditions such as illegal, violent, sexual abuses.